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Fall from height is one of the top reason of the workplace accidents. Employers must ensure right systems and procedures are in place to prevent such accidents happening and ensure health and safety of the on-site workers. Our team provides top notch fall safety solutions that is tailored to our customer’s various needs and applications.

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The MILLER™ range harness is designed for rugged work environments and addresses the needs of different application and various industries. As the second component of fall safety system Miller® lanyards and fall arrestors connect your fall arrest harness to anchorage point or static line. They are designed to reduce free fall distance as much as possible to minimise risk of injury. Personal fall arrestors can limit fall within centimeters.

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CW MGL works with Honeywell. Honeywell products help customers enduring safety cultures across a wide range of markets that includes general safety and preparedness, first responder, electrical safety, and consumer products. From US to Mongolia Honeywell Safety Products has the right solution for your specific application.